We offer a gamut of consumer electronic items, mobile phones and accessories. We ensure quality standards have been met for each and every product we supply, to acquire trust of our valued customers. We primarily cater to modern retailers and coporate clients.

Sabrimala Industries India Limited is a trading company providing competitive, faster and professional services in the field of trade & industry. We are closely associated with some of the biggest electronic companies in the market as their B2B partners for corporate trade.

Over the years, we have invested ourselves in building relationships based on trust and honesty with our corporate clients. Not only we have fulfilled all their requirements on a timely basis, but also taken one step further to guide them and provide assistance regarding any new product requirements. We thereby take great pride in our strong customer base and their loyalties towards us.


Our Strengths:

We derive our strengths from following factors:

Experienced and competent management team
Our Company is managed by a team of competent personnel having knowledge of core aspects of material, and marketing. The faith of the management in the staff and their performance has enabled us to build up capabilities to expand our business.

Range of products
We cater to demand of customers by offering diversified range of products covering from Plastic products, Electronic Items, Mobile and Accessories etc.

Diversified Customer Base and Innovative Payment Mechanisms.
Our Customer base includes corporate clients, institutional buyers, modern trade outlets and end users. The payment mechanism for our entire range of products are cash on delivery for end users and we provide sufficient credit periods to bulk buyers and traders.

Our Growth Strategy:

We intend to pursue the following strategies in order to consolidate our position and grow further:

Enhance our brand image

We intend to increase our visibility through use of digital channel as well as social media platforms to sell more products. We believe that brand image and visibility is the foremost factor to attract customers. We visualise ourself emerging as an efficient merchant among the customer and henceforth, going forward we would like to customize our web portal in such a effective manner which can convert visitors in to sale.

Customer value improvement

The value delivered by customers to the company can be increased by increasing customer profitability by decreasing cost to serve (and so price to customers) and at the same time increasing purchase or usage frequency and quantity. In the end the goal here is the same as with the loyalty improvement. The more often a customer visits the website, the probability of a transaction rises.

Hybrid Model of business.

With growing demands of every business, change is the only constant. Everyone is always looking out for something ‘unique’ and ‘different’. Since our customer is the centre of our focus, all our efforts will be directed towards bringing in new and innovative products for our clients. On one hand, we are adding new designs and models to our plastic product range of lunch boxes. On the other hand, we are collaborating with big brands to be able to provide branded electronic items at bulk prices to serve as corporate gifts for our clients.

Our Products:

Our range of products consists:

  • Electronic items such as Mobiles & Tablet and its Accessories etc.
  • Consumer Electronics such as TV, Microwave, Kettles etc.
  • FMCG products
  • Plastic items – lunch boxes, containers, tumblers etc.

Our Services and Operations:

Our operations can be summarized as below.

  • Merchandising, Commission Agents, Distribution of products of Electronic Items

Future Prospects 

The future plans of our Company are in line with the way the industry is thinking and planning ahead. Our Company is trying to increase the geographical areas of operations to cater to the growing market.

Capacity and Capacity Utilization

Our Company is engaged in the trading business and hence capacity and capacity utilisation is not applicable to ourselves.